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My nan was a very special person. Whenever anyone would pop into her home, they were always welcome and the kettle was put on immediately. I'd watch as she would brew the tea, and yes it was just the cheap Lipton, but it was about the act of drinking the tea that was important.


Sharing the pot of tea opened up conversations between friends and family and made everyone feel at home. The adults would talk, cry, laugh, share and enjoy each other’s company.


The tea continued to open up conversations for everyone around my nan until she passed away recently.


As my life progressed, I had become one of those adults sharing a cup of tea with my nan and, despite her passing, her love of tea has remained deeply ingrained in me. I love drinking tea and coffee, and while the flavours have changed, the connections it brings hold firm.


I have become passionate about sharing my tea and coffee with family and friends and it continues to be the catalyst to making real authentic connections with people in my life.


Now that I am a mother, I wish to in still in my daughters the sacred ceremony that sharing a tea or coffee with loved ones offers. I aim to demonstrate to my daughters that hard work and following your passion in life brings great rewards. This has led me to opening The Brewers Co.

Through my journey, I have discovered the joy in supporting local businesses and offering superior quality ingredients.


Here at The Brewers Co we specialise in selling exceptionally high quality tea and coffee varieties. Our products are treated with minimal processes and handled with the utmost respect.


I hope that, through offering exceptional products, it will enhance my customers ability to create conviviality in their lives.


Every time that I share and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with those close to me, I take a moment, just as the kettle has boiled.


Before I begin to pour the water into the teacup. I exhale and think of my nan and feel gratitude to her for helping me find my passion in life and I enjoy this moment, while making an authentic connection with the person sitting across from me.