Blue Tea! 

This tea is a natural blue colour from the flowers from the Blue Butterfly Pea Vine, which is native to South East Asia. The blue flowers have been used in traditional Asian and Middle Eastern medicine, as well as Ayurveda medicine. 


Flavour- This blue tea has a very mild flavour


To drink hot- Place 5-10 flowers (for 1 cup of tea) into an infuser. Add boiling water and allow to steep for 5-10mins depending on the flavour and colour required. If needed, add some wild honey or rice sugar as a sweetner. 


To drink cold- Brew as for consuming hot, but once strained, place in the fridge until cold. Serve with ice for a delicious iced tea. 


For Cooking or Natural Colouring- Mix either hot or cold water, with the desired number of flowers (for flavour or colour required- more flowers for darker blue), add to recipe as liquid component. Great for cakes and pancake batters! 


Why drink Blue Tea? Blue tea has some amazing health benefits and has been used traditionally, but these claims are also now being supported by modern science too. 

Blue tea is- loaded with antioxidants, a strong anti inflammatory, can strengthen the hair for healthy hair growth, contains anti cancer properties, keeps skin glowing, can assist with urinary problems, can help with improving eye sight and eye infections, is a great detox and can boost the immune system. 


Blue Tea



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