Imagine a clean, fresh river weaving between the hills of dense tea bushes. The sun rises throwing a mist from the bushes and you have the beginnings of the Cloud & Mist tea. 


Cloud & Mist green tea has been sourced from the Gongshu District, Zhejiang in China and is famous for its buttery aroma. The tea grown in Zhejiang has a distinct flavour due to the combination of the river waters, hillly typography and subtropical climate. Add to this, the deliberate decision by the tea makers to lightly bake the tea leaves to create Cloud & Mists' signature deep green curls. 


This tea is picked and dried using natural processes, with no additives or chemicals used in the process. This results in a very pure green tea which is unique and beautiful. 


For those who love their green tea, this is a must to try!


For me, this tea is the perfect in indulgence and a lovely tea to share with friends. 



Cloud & Mist

SKU: 0006
  • Tea - Loose Leaf

    Flavour - Buttery green tea, notes of macadamia

    Ingredients - Green tea leaves

    Origin - Zhejiang District, China

    Process - withered, rolled and baked